Energy Storage for Residential Community, Commercial and Industrial Applications


Benefit From the Freedom of Energy Independence

Reduce Demand Charges and Energy Costs, Improve Resilience, and Support EV Charging.


Energy Storage for Residential, Community, Commercial and Industrial Applications

Retail Center, Car Park, Community Solar, School Campus, Microgrid, Residential and Commercial Complexes, Telecom Tower, Data Center, Chemical Plant, Oil & Gas, Industrial Automation, Fuel Station, Transit Station, Restaurant, Banking Center, Agriculture Operation, Winery

Modular – 46.6 kWh to 372.7 kWh Preassembled Battery Cabinets*

Scalable – Parallel Up to Fifteen Battery Cabinets 4.2 MWh

Compatible – C&I Hybrid Inverters with 150 Vdc to 1500 Vdc Battery Input

Outdoor – NEMA 3R (IP55), or Cost Effective Indoor (IP20)

Efficient – Liquid Cooling / Heating of LFP Battery Module Cells

Optimized – Multi-tiered Battery Management System 

Safe – Heat and Smoke Detection, Ventilation Activation, Fire Suppression 

Certified – UL1973, UL9540a

*Custom Configurations Available


① Audible and Visual Fire Alarms

② Liquid-Coolant Unit

③ Energy Storage Battery Modules 166.4V,46.5kwh

④ High Voltage Control Box or Battery Disconnect Unit

⑤ Manual Switch.

⑥ Hot Liquid-Coolant Outlet

⑦ Cold Liquid-Coolant Inlet

⑧ Battery Compartment Dehumidifier

⑨ Pressure Relief Valve (Activates Fire Suppression Aerogel Inside Battery Module)

⑩ Communication Ports to Connect Battery Module With BMU.

⑪ Firefighting Gas Extinguishers (Optional)

⑫ Lift Rings



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