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Batteries for Fork Lifts & Walkies

Whether you need power for a day or an intense multi-shift work schedule, we are ready to meet your operation demands. From deep-cycle DRY CELL AGM and GEL CELL lead-acid batteries to the productivity enhancement of lithium solutions with smart systems integration, fast charging, and cold temperature operating ability, Discover has the certified safe and OEM performance-proven solutions you need. Power Packs for Class 3 forklifts and walkies (including chargers) are available with all battery types.

Key Benefits

10X The Life Of Lead-Acid Batteries*

  • Up to 2x the runtime of a lead-acid battery
  • 100% usable capacity
  • Lightning fast charging
  • Integrated self-heating
  • Communicates SoC, voltage and temperature limits with charger**
  • Port connects the battery to LYNK Gateway
  • Field replaceable fuse protection
  • Parallel more capacity - up to 20 batteries**
  • IP 67 rated
  • Maintenance-free

** LYNK Gateway

Enhanced Runtime
  • Exceeds OEM quality requirements
  • Global service and support
  • Innovative technology
Extended Service Life
  • Optimized for start-stop vehicles
  • Partial state-of-charge operation
  • Micro-cycling and key-off loads
Fast Charging
  • Up to 5x faster than new lead-acid batteries
  • Up to 10x faster than aged lead-acid batteries
  • 2x faster than C/2 rated lithium batteries
  • Opportunity charge at 1C rate anytime, regardless of SoC
Surge Power
  • Surge power for inverters and traction motors
  • Up to 3C peak power discharge rate
  • 1C continuous discharge rate
High Efficiency
  • Up to 50% more energy efficient than a lead-acid battery
  • Up to 98% round-trip efficiency
Dynamic Performance
  • Real-time optimization of the charge rate
  • Up to 25% faster recharge from 0% to 100% SoC
Parallel Power
  • Easy to parallel more capacity
  • Linear scaling of charge, discharge, and peak capacity
  • Parallel up to 20 batteries per LYNK device
Quick Install
  • Fast install. No special tools
  • Drop-in deep-cycle lead-acid replacement
Reliable, Safe, Certified
  • LiFePO4 is safe
  • Maintenance-free
  • UL94 VO flame retarding case and cover
  • IP 67 rated
  • Connects battery string to LYNK gateway
  • Multi-battery BMS communication
Status View
  • At-a-glance multi-color status LED
Cold Charging
  • Integrated self-heating
  • Charging from -20oC/-4oC

Find Your Battery



CAN Bus Battery Discharge Indicator (Type A) 950-0044


AES LiFePO4 batteries: 12-48-665012-36-670014-24-280014-36-300014-48-3000 


The 950-0044 is a fully featured Battery Discharge Indicator (BDI) that communicated with AES LiFePO4 Mobile Industrial and AES PROFESSIONAL batteries and presents visualization by LCD of the battery's State of Charge, Voltage, Power, Charge and Discharge Energy, Battery Firmware, and Time to Go.

950-0044 - Bundled with cable
950-0006 - Without cable

CAN Bus Battery Discharge Indicator (Type B) 950-0039


AES LiFePO4 batteries: 12-48-665012-36-670014-24-280014-36-300014-48-3000 


The 950-0039 is a Battery Discharge Indicator (BDI) that communicates with AES LiFePO4 Mobile Industrial and AES PROFESSIONAL batteries presenting the battery's state of charge by incremental LED segments.

950-0039 - Bundled with cable
950-0034 - Without cable


LYNK LITE Communication Gateway

LYNK LITE Communication Gateway aggregates and displays the State of Charge for AES PROFESSIONAL batteries in a compact package suitable for in-line integration in motive machine battery compartments.



Unlock the full potential of an AES PROFESSIONAL Battery by enabling the BMS to optimize and dynamically manage the charge configurations of the world’s best industrial chargers and mobile inverter-chargers. The LYNK PORT on each AES PROFESSIONAL battery allows for real-time closed-loop communication between multiple batteries and with a charger, or inverter-charger, using LYNK II to aggregate and communicate State of Charge..


Additional Accessories

IP-65 rated network cables suitable for wet and humid environments are available for IP-67 rated AES PROFESSIONAL batteries.

  • DLP B2B-400 (COMM Cable 0.4 meters / 15.75 inches) | PN: 950-0035
  • DLP TOL-7600 (COMM Cable 7.6 meters / 299.25 inches) | PN: 950-0037
  • DLP TOL-1800 (COMM Cable 1.8 meters / 70.87 inches) | PN: 950-0036
  • DLPT Connector (COMM T Connector) | PN: 950-0041
  • DLP T Connector (COMM T Connector) with DLP B2B-400 (COMM Cable 0.4 meters / 15.75 inches) | PN: 950-0038

Discover Energy Systems Power Pack

A complete power system with AES PROFESSIONAL batteries for 24V Electric Walkies and Pallet Trucks to get the work done under the most demanding of conditions.

  • Preconfigured, ready to go
  • Faster charging
  • Offers productivity increase for multi-shift operations