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The information included in these pages has been collected over years of experience and from references compiled from various sources within the industry. The reader is encouraged to search for additional information that will improve their overall experience with lead-acid batteries and other related areas of interest. 

What began as a regional battery distribution business in 1949 has evolved into a global engineering and manufacturing company providing leading-edge technology to the transportation, motive power, and energy storage industries through the best knowledge-based distribution and service organizations on the planet. Along with highly engineered industry-leading power electronics features, Discover PURPOSE BUILDS over 70 years of applications history into the design and production of high-value lead acid and lithium power solutions that matter to people who rely on batteries to work, live or getaway.

Battery 101

A collection of battery basics. This is a must read section if you want to learn about how batteries work, charge or what to look for before you buy. 

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