Solar Stationary batteries

Lithium Solutions

  • USD $ 4500 MSRP - 42-48-6650
  • USD $ 2600 44-48-3000 MSRP

With 30% Federal Tax Credit

  • USD $ 3150 MSRP - 42-48-6650
  • USD $ 1820 MSRP - 44-48-3000

Discover® Advanced Energy System (AES) LiFePO4 Lithium batteries offer bankable performance and the lowest cost of energy storage per kWh. AES LiFePO4 Lithium batteries are manufactured with the highest-grade cells and feature a proprietary high-current BMS that delivers superior peak power and lightning-fast 1C charge and discharge rates.

AES LiFePO4 Lithium batteries are maintenance-free, deliver up to 100% depth of discharge, and up to 98% round-trip efficiency. Plug-and-play installation with the best-known off-grid inverters using the LYNK II Gateway makes closed-loop communication simple and easy and dramatically improves charging performance.

UL 9540 partnerships, UL 1973 certification, a 10-year energy throughput warranty, and the capability to be paralleled to up to 148 kWh per LYNK II Gateway make AES LiFePO4 Lithium batteries ideal for solar and stationary energy storage projects.



Nominal Voltage
Open Circuit Voltage
Rated Ah Capacity (1C)
Nominal Energy (kWh)

Closed-Loop Inverter Partners

  • 2x Runtime of lead-acid batteries
  • Up to 90% Usable Capacity 
  • Up to 90% Depth of Discharge
  • 10x the Life of Lead-Acid (BCI-06)
  • Unlimited Partial State-of-Charge Cycles
  • 10-Year Warranty and Energy Performance Guarantee
Fast Charging
  • 1C Continuous Charge Rate, Regardless of SoC 
  • 5x Faster than Lead-Acid Batteries
  • 2x Faster than C/2 Rated Lithium Batteries
Surge Power
  • Power for off-grid inverter surge demands
  • Up to 3C Peak Power
  • Up to 1C Continuous Discharge
High Efficiency
  • Up to 50% more energy efficient  than Lead-acid battery
  • Up to 98% Round Trip Efficiency
  • Up to 40% faster recharge from 0% to 100% SoC
  • Real-time charge rate optimization
Parallel Power
  • Parallel More Capacity
  • Linear Scaling of Charge, Discharge and Peak Capacity
  • Parallel Up to 13 Batteries or 96 kWh per LYNK II
  • Steel Case and Cover. IP55
  • LiFePO4 chemistry is thermally safe
  • Maintenance-Free 

Inside the AES LiFePO4 Battery

A look inside at the components that make up an AES LiFePO4 battery.


Product Registration

Discover AES LiFePO4 product family offers an industry-leading warranty to ensure years of trouble-free, high-performance operation.

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  • Configure LYNK Device
  • Monitor Discover Energy Systems Lithium Batteries
  • Troubleshoot and monitor Discover Energy Systems Lithium batteries
  • Simulate and validate integration of Discover Energy Systems Lithium Batteries



Wall Mount Bracket

950-0018: Compatible with 42-48-6650 AES LiFePO4 battery

950-0023: Compatible with 44-48-3000 AES LiFePO4 battery

The Discover Wall Mount Bracket securely mounts the AES LiFePO4 battery to the wall in a repeatable standard installation that will save installers time and money.


AES Outdoor Battery Enclosure - 950-0043

The battery enclosure is designed in a trunk configuration to NEMA 3R specifications and can hold up to three Discover AES LiFePO4 batteries (42-48-6650) compatible with the UL 9540 limit of 20 kWh.

LYNK II - 950-0025

Advanced Integration - Faster Charging

Unlock the full potential of an AES LiFePO4 Solar Stationary battery by enabling the BMS to optimize and dynamically manage the charge configurations of the world’s best industrial chargers and mobile inverter chargers. The LYNK PORT on each AES LiFePO4 allows for real-time closed-loop communication between multiple batteries and with a charger, or inverter-charger, using LYNK II to aggregate and communicate the State of Charge.


How do I work with Discover Energy Systems?

Discover sells through solar industry distributors and installers. We do not sell directly to homeowners.

If you’re a solar industry professional tell us about yourself and a member of our sales team will reach out to you shortly.  


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